Translation Management System for Translation Agencies and Freelance Translators.

Invoicing of Completed Translation Jobs

Invoicing has never been so flexible! You can include multiple jobs and expenses on one Invoice, add 1 or 2 discounts or markups, apply 1 or 2 taxes, use global or client-specific invoice numbering.

Invoice in Translation Office, Version 9.0 are issued per client jobs. One invoice can contain a number of client jobs from different projects.


TO3000, Version 9.0 provides you with possibility to add and automatically consider discounts and markups when issuing invoices. You can specify discounts/markups names and rates on the Discounts/Markups tab of the Business Settings window.


Saving and Printing

Using Translation Office 3000, you can save invoices in .RTF (Rich Text Format) or to be sent to translation agencies via e-mail, or print them, for sending to postal addresses.

 …and many other useful features for successful freelance translators.

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