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Backup of Accounting Records

Your work information is one of your valuable assets. The longer you track your translation jobs, the more valuable your information becomes, providing you with information on your past translation jobs and contacts, tracing your translation quotes, application processes, payment practices of direct clients and translation agencies, etc.

Therefore the Translation Office 3000 developers would not sleep well had we released such a comprehensive system without matching it with excellent data preservation mechanism.


One of the tools available is a pair of Backup and Restore functions. They allow you to backup absolutely all information you stored within Translation Office 3000 (translation agency profiles, contacts, job application tracker, translation quotes, translation jobs, invoices, etc.) within one archive, stored in a single compressed file.

Backup of Accounting Records of Freelance Translator


You can use the Backup/Restore features to easily move your work information between the different computers you use. For instance, you can move from your desktop computer to a notebook when going on translation or interpreting assignment to another city; and afterwards move it back to desktop computer — and any data you modified while on assignment will be updated.

Backup of Accounting Records of Freelance Translator

… and many other useful features for successful freelance translators.

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