Translation Management System for Translation Agencies and Freelance Translators.

International Users

Translation Office 3000 is used by translators and translation agencies in 90 countries around the world. It is designed specifically for international use, and integrates seamlessly on a global and local level. For each nation there is a localized version of the software. If there are management or accounting practices specific to your country, you can rest assured that we’ve got it covered.

Multiple Currencies (EUR, USD, CAD, GBP, CHF, AUD, SEK,…)

Translation Office 3000 fully supports invoicing, quotations and accounting processes in multiple currencies. Our currency platform is totally customizable, so you are not limited in any way as to the currencies you use.

Multiple Volume Units (words, characters with spaces, characters without spaces)

Do you need an accurate word count or character count to price up translation jobs and invoices? If you do, the multiple volume units option on TO3000 will come in handy. It counts words and ANY other text volume you’d care to use, whether it be pages, characters, characters with spaces, characters without spaces etc.

You can also specify volume parameters. Any volume can be used. For example, you can count pages of 1800 characters with spaces, pages of 1500 characters without spaces, lines of 50,55,60 or 62 characters.

It makes quoting, pricing and invoicing all so much easier!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact AIT Software Development Team at:

Translation Office 3000 Support Section

We will answer all emails as soon as possible, usually within 12—24 hours.

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