Translation Management System for Translation Agencies and Freelance Translators.

Tracking of Current Translation Jobs

Getting translation job is only half of the effort necessary, the other half is to deliver the work with good quality and by the deadline specified by translation agency.

How about seeing a clear picture of all your current jobs and deadlines whenever you want? You can. And it's not just a dull list, it's a vivid picture that shows a different color for every job (no highlight — completed, green — deadline is in the future, blue — translation job is due today, red — wake up, your job is overdue).

All Clients: Translation Jobs window

TO3000 - All Clients: Translation Jobs Window
Status of Current Translation Jobs: Color Settings

TO3000 - Status of Current Translation Jobs:Color Settings
Translation Job Details

TO3000 - Translation Job Details
Translation Job Timeline

TO3000 - Translation Jobs Timeline

…and many other useful features for successful freelance translators.

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