Translation Management System for Translation Agencies and Freelance Translators.

Organization of Files and Folders

After you get acquainted with Translation Office 3000's sound organization of information about translation agencies and direct clients you work with, you would probably want the same cozy feeling to accompany you in your dealings with files as well.


Clear Structure

Important aspect of consistent, logical and easy-to-use organization of your business information is automatic creation and naming of special folder system.

Business Folder

All Clients and Projects Folders are stored in Business Folder, which is single central location with easy access. Business folder with Clients folders, Projects folders is accessible both within Translation Office 3000 and from Microsoft Windows Explorer.

Business Folder for Freelance Translator

Client Folders

Primary purpose of every Client Folder is to serve as single storage location for all information of particular Client.

Client Folders for Freelance Translator

Project Folders

Each project folder contains all files pertaining to particular translation project. You can set project folder creation system to include also Name of Project in addition to Project Code.

Project Foder for Freelance Translator

It is up to you to decide what system of folder organization to adopt within the project folder. It can be maintained automatically as well.

Organiazation of Files and Folders for Freelance Translator

… and many other useful features for successful freelance translators.

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