Translation Management System for Translation Agencies and Freelance Translators.

Pricing of Translation Services

Before offering your services in the market of translation or interpreting services you should give a thought to how much you will charge for each Service (Translation, Proofreading you offer).

Do you already have a price-list? If yes, then why not make it more manageable? If not, you can build one from scratch. All you need for this is Translation Office 3000.

Easily Manageable Price-List

There are two purposes for a price-list. First, it is useful alone for reference purposes and for sending it to prospective clients at their requests. Secondly, when you make a new job quote to a translation agency, Translation Office 3000 automatically suggests the price for the given language pair from the price-list, if it is listed there.

Sending and Printing Capabilities

Translation Office 3000 can save price-lists electronically in RTF (Rich Text Format), after which they can be sent to translation agencies by e-mail. RTF format can be opened by most word processors, including Microsoft Word, on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. Unlike .DOC format is not vulnerable to any current computer viruses. Still, if you prefer Microsoft Word format, you can easily save .RTF files in this format as well.

You can also print your price-lists directly from Translation Office 3000 to hand out to customers or send by regular mail.

…and many other useful features for successful freelance translators.

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